Cindy and her team are a pleasure! In addition, they are a wealth of knowledge and practical insights. We are SO grateful we had the benefit of their expertise in constructing all our legal documents for our special-needs daughter and family. We are now in great shape legally and have peace of mind that everything is in order.” – Sherry H.

I have worked with many of attorney but never to find anyone that is so caring as Cindy has been to my family. She is not only an attorney but she is a friend and she lets you know that by the gracious hugs and smiles. They always on her face. She is a very sweet person that takes on a lot of work. that becomes bigger than her But she always gets it done. And she does it with a smile. She has been a godsend in my life for many years and we love her as family.” – Lisa K.

“This has been a long and arduous process but Garner and her staff were so immaculate polite professional and informative about each and every step they were also very understanding about my concern about not hearing from them for so long or questions that I’ve never been asked before or anything that I had a question about they were sure to answer guide me along the way and ensure me that things would be okay I would always recommend Cindy Garner and her staff. I owe them so much.” – Tranette C.

“I needed help for my daughter’s conservatorship. Then I was introduced to Cindy Gardner from a friend who recommended me to go to her. She is very kind, sincere, and pleasant. She was very thorough in explaining what was needed for this process to go through. She gave great advice and Iistened to it. She is very respectful and very affordable. This kind of service is always needed.” – Karen R.

“I was introduced to special needs law center in 2014. I needed an attorney to handle my daughters conservertorship. She was not only reasonable, but she gave me advice on a range of issues that had arose concerning my daughter with special needs. She was not only professional, but she was personal. She treated my daughters case as if it was her own. She suggested that I do things and I am glad that she did, because of the issues that came up years later. She made sure she covered all basis in the legal wording that have protected my daughter in a lot of different situations. I had people suggest other attorneys, but I was so pleased with her that I contacted her in August of this year to handle my sons Conservertorship. She is very thorough in explaining what is needed in conservortships, wills, and trusts and will do what is best for your circumstances. I have contacted her after hours with questions and she have always responded within a few days. I chose her because she is honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable. This is very important to me for the type of services she provide.” – Jennifer L.